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helping special businesses grow and bloom with gorgeous editorial images, purposeful social media marketing, creative vision and strategic action.



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Our next editorial features couture fashion, custom staging, amazing florals and decor and....rescue dogs!

Pamela Noxon


What do these sweet rescue dogs, tons of bright red, orange and yellow roses, a blue chair and Frida Kahlo have in common? They're all our inspiration for our Mexican Campasina Editorial Photo Shoot for NUPTIALS e magazine coming soon! 

Thank you to Betsy McCue of La Vida Photography for shooting this one it will be a real tail wagger...maybe we can ask NUPTIALS to change their name to NUP-TAILS ......And thanks to Lauren Sharon Vintage Rentals, Studio B Floral Designs and Studio Savvy Salon and Shout Out Models and of course, the San Diego Humane Society for our guest modelsMore to come!

Here a Pin, there a Pin.... wait why am I spending all day Pinning??

Pamela Noxon

Ahhh Pinterest... you could spend all day on it, your clients love it, brides, stylists and young moms [among others] are obsessed with it. And yet it is so time consuming for a business to spend time pinning and Pinterest is seemingly not part of the way you make money! What's a business to do? 

Strategic Pinning that's what! Each and every type of business should stop and say "How can I make Pinterest work for ME?" Not all Pinterest strategies are alike nor should they be! 

A few tidbits on various strategies and "Pinterest reasoning" for different types of business:

Large Brands: branding, awareness, contests and giveaways- it's all about dropping the name over and over.

Product Companies: selling your product on Pinterest, doing contests with giveaways, show off your various media exposure to build brand, link to cart to sell, sell, sell!

Service Business: make friends, keep friends and promote friends. By re pinning pins and mentioning the businesses you work with in your industry you build the bonds for referrals. 

Pinterest is amazing! Using the right strategy for Pinterest can get you great results but be sure you are using it the way your type of business can benefit otherwise you're just spinning your wheels and flipping though pretty pictures:) 

**On another note if you are a business using your personal name on Pinterest for heaven's sake please create a Business Page Name for Pinterest or convert your existing personal name to a Business Name! One flaw from a business standpoint with Pinterest was that the account naming process did not encourage people to use Business Names just cute nicknames that make you very hard to find ['floral gal loves daisies'  is not going to get you linked to other industry people in the same way that "La Jolla Floral Design & Co." will .

More on the right use of Pinterest coming soon!